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POOPWELL : A Guide To Constipation & Healthy Bowel Movements

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Alright, folks, let's dive into a dirty topic most shy away from – bowel movements. I'm no stranger to this as a Colon Hydro Therapist and cleansing protocols guru. It's fascinating how we distance ourselves from something so crucial. But listen up, colon cleansing isn't just important; it's downright critical for your long-term wellness, ideally happening 2-3 times a day. If you are eating 3 times a day, plus snacks, and pooping 1 time a day or less, think about where all that food is hanging out?!

Now, your colon, that's the garbage dump of your body, a 5-6 feet long powerhouse that needs regular clearing. In a perfect world, we'd be chugging water and munching on fresh goodness, but reality check – we're stuck with processed eats, sugary drinks, and a whole lot of sitting. Our lifestyles? About as unnatural as they come, and the repercussions? Well, they can be lethal.

Much like how pollution messes up our waterways, internal junk wreaks havoc on our bodies. According to the British Medical Association, "Disease starts in the colon." In my 30+ years in wellness, I've tested various cleansing methods, but let's face it, not many are up for a 30-day cleanse or regular colon hydrotherapy and those options do not improve daily life.

That is where POOPWELL steps in – it's like a rockstar for your bowels, and it gets the job done, no mess, no fuss.

I have battled my fair share of health issues and come out on top, thanks to cleansing and nutrition therapies. Let me tell you, POOPWELL beats your full house every time, and it does it gently, yet oh-so effectively.

Here is the deal: start with 1-2 POOPWELL capsules before bedtime with water. Most of you can rock with just one. If you are dancing to the bathroom more than usual the next morning, congrats, you've found your serving. Keep it going and adjust as needed.

We are all different – different strengths, diets, and lifestyles – but one thing is for sure, most of us have indulged in processed junk. If one capsule does not get things moving, crank it up 1 capsule a night until you hit that soft-serve consistency 2-3 times a day. Too loose? Dial it back one capsule at a time until you find your sweet spot.

POOPWELL isn't just a one-time wonder; it's your go-to for a 7-10 day seasonal cleanse or whenever you feel the need. Trust me, getting rid of that internal "crap" is a game-changer. Better out than in and a sure-fire way to get rid of stinking thinking.

It is impossible to have a healthy gut microbiome if all the healthy gut critters inside our intestines are living in a filthy, toxic ghetto. We all need a clean, healthy home to live in, and that includes our gut bacteria and the home our souls live in.

What I like about POOPWELL: it really is ALL NATURAL ingredients; aloe, rhubarb, apple, fig, okra, prune, and buckthorn. Nothing else. It’s easy to use, gentle, effective, creates smooth, soft serve poops without cramping and it works.

Once you figure out your dose (we are all different), which is easy, you will be a self-sufficient Rock Star in the POOPING arena. And frankly, pooping regularly, and MORE THAN NORMAL, is a game changer.

Internal cleanliness radiates outward beauty and POOPWELL is step number 1.

Disclaimer: This isn't medical advice; it's the real talk from personal and professional experience. Consult your health advisor for the real nitty-gritty.

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